Don’t Fall Behind

Prep your HVAC system now to stay warm in winter

The cooling temperatures and kids once again climbing the school bus steps to head to school mean that fall is quickly approaching! The changing season also can serve as an alarm clock to prepare for what is to come – winter. Early fall is the perfect time to prepare your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for winter. Many HVAC contractors are not as busy in the early fall as they will be during the winter months, when they receive more emergency service calls. As a result, you’re more likely to get a timely response, and perhaps even get a special rate on service. Some steps you may want to take include:

Replace your furnace filter. 

The changing seasons can serve as a reminder that it’s time to change your furnace filter. This is a fairly easy step, and can help keep your furnace clean. A dirty furnace filter can plug up the airflow of your system, making your home uncomfortable and shortening the furnace’s lifespan at the same time. 

Get a system inspection. 

Early fall is a perfect time to schedule an inspection of your HVAC system. This could include a tune-up to ensure that your system is optimized to perform as best as it can. Preventative maintenance frequently can be more affordable than having to pay for an emergency house call when your system goes out! During an excellent “clean and tune,” a technician will pull the blower from your system and use water or a cleaner to remove the dirt that made it past the furnace filter. 

Consider an upgrade if one is needed. 

If you have an older or underperforming system, you may want to think about a replacement. While not cheap, it may ultimately be a better option than having to keep making needed repairs on an inefficient system. If you choose to upgrade your system in the fall, HVAC contractors may be running seasonal discounts. Of course, your local electric cooperative offers POWER MOVES® rebates for qualifying efficiency upgrades that will help you save more on energy costs. Contact your local electric cooperative for details.

Taking the time in the fall to prepare your heating system can lead to a warm, more comfortable winter! It also can help your HVAC system run more efficiently and last longer. You always can contact your local electric cooperative to inquire about a home energy assessment, which would provide details on your whole home’s energy use and give suggestions on steps you can take to improve your home’s energy usage and efficiency. You also can visit for more information.