Don’t blow a fuse!

Electrical panel

Have time and technology made your wiring inadequate? One potential area for electrical hazards is an outdated wiring system. Is yours able to handle the load you demand of it? Here are some instances when immediate help is needed.

Blowing of fuses when certain appliances are used together. If you can’t operate your appliances as needed, too large a load is being imposed on the circuit.

Overheated wires, switches, fuse boxes and plug-ins suggest that the current flowing through these devices is excessive or that a loose connection may be present.

Lights that dim down and stay down while something is running may mean that wire sizes are too small to handle the load demanded from them.

These are just some of the indications of inadequate wiring.

The remedy for an outdated wiring system is not complicated. It usually means an increase in size of the service entrance and fuse box, plus additional circuits to various parts of the house. 

Some appliances, such as the freezer, refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and furnace, should be placed on circuits by themselves. The kitchen should have at least two circuits to the receptacles so that the small appliance loads in the kitchen can be split between the two circuits.

The actual work is complicated and should not be taken on by amateurs. A qualified electrician should be called. If you have any questions concerning your wiring system, contact your electric cooperative for recommendations.