Do you recognize any of these names?

Posted on Oct 29 2020 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Kankakee Valley REMC accounts for the following individuals and businesses have credit balances that were left when electric service was disconnected.  If you know anyone on the list, please have them contact our office during normal business hours of Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. or you can email  

Christy Crowley

Earl Davenport

Michael Gardner

Cenlar Federal Savings

James Crisman

Curtis Denley

Michael Figel

Kathryn Govert

Michael Austin

Calin Bente

Kacee Berg

Wilbur Hankins

Wade Jamieson

Dana Ruiz

Billy J. Victoria Cassell

First Real Estate Ventures LLC

Gruszkiewicz Living Trust

Angela Mager

Ethan J. Hall

William L. Holland Jr.

Laura Ninkovich

Steven Pickett

Louis Romanak

Susan Sanborn

Tawnie Whitten

William P. Clark

Ryan Craft 

Larry and Gloria Cutts

David Hardin

John O Herman III

Aaron Rentschler

Ross Stacy

Kris Tomlinson

Catherine Weiss

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Kyle Wilson 

Joshua Wyatt

David and Jeanette Cram

William Reiss

Desmond Stewart 

Erik Zagorac

Jenny Jones

Krystal and Ron Lockhart

Max Property

Robert Smar

Wynona Hayes

Tamara Heaps

Barry and Mary King

Lauren Volk

Catherine S. Williams

David Biedron 

Shyann McCarty

Kristie Wendorf

Richard A. Grieger

Heidi Beemsterboer

Trina Bianco

Michelle Castaneda

Edwin and Pamela Frailey

Stephen Huemmerich

Marlana Milan

Rev. Tome Stamatov