Do we owe you money?

Posted on Mar 08 2020 in Noble REMC
Graphic of question mark with dollar bills inside

Noble REMC wants to make sure those who are supposed to receive the money we return back to our current and former members every year, do so.

That’s why we have posted a list of names to our website for members, or former members, to view and check that they’ve received all that is due to them.

Several names on the list are former members for whom we have no current address. Others are current members who neglected to cash their check from the previous two years.

The list of members who have unclaimed patronage capital checks can be found easily online at At the top of the home screen, hover your cursor over “About Us,” click on “Your Cooperative,” and then scroll down to the “Patronage Capital” subhead. After clicking on the link to the list, look through the names, and if your name is there, please call our office and let us know.

Noble REMC attempts to return patronage for two years. Following those two years, the unclaimed patronage is returned to the cooperative.

If you have any questions about patronage capital, contact us at 800-933-7362.