Do we owe you money?

Posted on Apr 08 2024 in Noble REMC

In the weeks after our December disbursement of capital credits, Noble REMC starts receiving returned checks for wrong addresses and finds there are members who have not cashed their check from the previous two years.

We want to make sure you receive your cash back.

That’s why we have posted a list of names to our website for members, or former members, to view and check that they’ve received all the capital credits — the money we return to our members every year — that are due to them.

To check if you have an unclaimed check, visit, type your name into the search bar, and if your name is listed, please call our office to process your claim.

Noble REMC attempts to return capital credits for two years. Following those two years, the unclaimed checks are returned to the cooperative.

If you have any questions about capital credits, contact us at 800-933-7362.