Did you know?

Posted on Jul 25 2019 in Decatur County REMC

Thank you for participating in DCREMC’s recent member survey. We received great feedback and questions. Each month, we will feature a question and share the answer to build a better understanding of the cooperative.  

Q. Could you tell us more about tree trimming and keeping the lines clear of trees and brush?

A.  DCREMC adopted an aggressive right-of-way clearing program in 2016 which calls for a major clearing of the entire system (1,075+ miles of line) within five years. We are currently in year four of the five-year plan. We started the project in the southern portion of our service territory because it is the most densely wooded, with lots of vegetation and rugged terrain.

From here, we’ve worked counter clockwise throughout the territory clearing lines 15 feet on each side of the line, from ground to sky. This investment will improve our service reliability. 

If we haven’t cleared your area yet, we are coming. Our right-of-way contractor, Asplundh, is currently working in the Lake Santee area. The expected work flow for 2019 will then move to the Westport area, Brewersville substation area, and back to the Santee substation area later this year. 

If you have additional questions about our right-of-way program, you can find details on our website at dcremc.com, or call the office at 812-663-3391.