Democracy lives locally

Participation and engagement are key

Posted on Jun 05 2021 in Miami-Cass REMC
Rob Schwartz

Members in good standing with their co-op have the right to seek election to the board of directors. While serving on a board is certainly not for everyone, it is healthy for any co-op to have an engaged membership with a portion of the members interested in serving in a leadership role. 

At Miami-Cass REMC, we are governed by a board of seven directors, elected by the membership, that provides strategic direction and guidance to ensure we continue to serve the interests of you, the member-owner. 

While democracy itself is an imperfect system, it remains the best way to ensure the maximum number of voices is heard. Democracy cannot and should not be taken for granted. 

The electric co-op’s mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable power has been achieved.  Now, as the utility industry enters an era of change, when people have more choices for the way they receive electricity, it is critically important that we hear your voice and the voices of the most diverse group of members. Through active engagement and participation of the membership, the co-op can ensure it is leading in a direction that the members will want to follow. 

In addition to ensuring the co-op serves the best interests of its members, the board of directors is committed to providing solutions that maintain the vibrancy of our local communities. Being a co-op board member requires a real commitment of time and effort, and an attitude of being a servant leader, meaning board members should want to engage to make a real contribution to the membership.