Deadline to claim 2021 capital credits approaching

Posted on Dec 21 2023 in Jasper County REMC

We published a list of unclaimed capital credits in the local papers on Nov. 16, 2023. This is the last chance to claim capital credits that we returned in November 2021. If you missed the notice in the papers, the 2021 unclaimed list is also available on our website.


1 Jasper County REMC tracks how much electricity you buy and how much money you pay for it throughout the year.

2 At the end of the year, Jasper County REMC completes financial matters and determines whether there is excess revenues, called margins.

3 Jasper County REMC allocates the margins to members as capital credits based upon their use of electricity during the year.

4 When Jasper County REMC’s financial condition permits, your board of directors/trustees decides to retire, or pay, the capital credits.

5 Jasper County REMC notifies you of how and when you’ll receive your capital credits retirements.