Crews in the community

Posted on Feb 02 2022 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Your KV REMC crews are working to deliver safe and reliable electricity to your homes and businesses. This section details this month’s projects and areas of focus.

Fiber Make Ready: Work on Phase 2 of the fiber loop project began in December with construction of the path creation. This term refers to the path the fiber will take once installed. Contract crews completed the path creation from the KV REMC office to the Oregon Substation in Hamlet. The work will continue into the Knox area over the next month. In January, contract crews completed Phase 1 of the loop project. At this time, 32 miles of the aerial path have been installed.    

Line Construction: As part of our continuous commitment to service and safety, our contract crews will complete the transformer upgrade at Morgan substation this month. In addition, we plan to install a larger capacity power transformer at Porter Substation.  

Crews continue to replace poles in the Chesterton, Valparaiso and Westville areas as part of our pole testing program.

New Metering Infrastructure: To improve our metering efficiency and reliability, KV REMC is investing in a new metering system. Later this year, KV REMC meter technicians will replace the meter at your homes and businesses. Crews have been installing the communication equipment on the power poles in preparation for the project’s next stage.