Crew completes training

Posted on Aug 07 2022 in LaGrange County REMC
Harmes and Patrick
Tree trimmers Cole Harmes and Jeff Patrick recently became certified in Electrical Hazards Awareness Program training.

LaGrange County REMC’s tree crew successfully completed the Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP). This training helps prepare the crew for working safely near energized utility wires.

Instruction included identifying specific electrical hazards when working around energized conductors. Team members also got to practice aerial rescue training where they successfully lower a “compromised” co-worker to the ground from at least 35 feet in the air, the average height of a distribution line.

Besides meeting OSHA and ANSI safety standards, the hands-on training is beneficial in keeping the crew safe while trimming trees close to live transmission or distribution wires. The equipment they use must stay 27 inches away from any live wires.

As part of the program, they must also be certified in CPR and first aid. Tree trimmers complete the EHAP training every year.