Creating a sound strategy for tomorrow

Posted on Apr 06 2023 in Kankakee Valley REMC
Kankakee Valley REMC CEO Scott Sears

It’s good to stop every once in a while and take stock of where you are. But, it’s even more important to plan for the next step —  and the one after that. Every three years, we bring our board of directors and staff together to take an honest look at ourselves, the needs of the membership and the future of the co-op. We create a strategic plan with clear objectives and measurements of our performance in pursuing those goals.

Running an electric cooperative can be complex, and our strategic plan includes a long list of elements. You probably won’t be surprised that we focused heavily on technology, particularly the technology that protects you and your home and business.  That includes everything from comprehensive cybersecurity measures to ensuring our physical assets are safe.

People are a big part of what we do and a big part of our plan. We expect a lot from our team and want to ensure they have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver the expected performance. That’s why we continue to invest in professional development, encouraging employees to grow their knowledge and pursue educational opportunities.

As the electric power industry continues to evolve, we expect to see how we charge for electric to change, too. So, part of our strategic plan is conducting a cost-of-service study to ensure we provide the greatest value for your energy dollar. We’ll examine possible strategies, such as the time-of-use rates that provide member-consumers with the means to reduce their electric bills. 

The plan also addresses how we communicate with you. We aim to ensure you know everything you need to make the best choices for your energy needs. After all, our co-op exists to serve you and your neighbors.

I look forward to sharing updates as we work through the strategic plan.