Cooperatives see the future

Dramatic changes are transforming the energy industry. Interest in renewables is at an all-time high. Consumers want greater control over their energy use and payments.

There’s no denying it — electric utilities will have to make changes to accommodate these trends. Luckily, Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative (PPEC) is uniquely positioned to meet these changing energy needs because we are a co-op.

We are community-led catalysts for good

October is National Co-op Month, which is the perfect time to highlight the many ways electric co-ops are unique. Cooperatives are locally governed, looking out for the long-term needs of their consumer-members. PPEC belongs to the communities we serve. Our closeness to the community ensures we respond to their needs.

Electric co-ops, like PPEC, engage their members to do things that might otherwise be difficult, like more than 75 years ago when electric co-ops brought power to areas where other utilities did not find it economically feasible. Today, it means sponsoring local groups to boost our area pride; taking students to Washington, D.C., for Youth Tour; funding Honor Flight trips for veterans; and more.

The co-op business model is unique. It is pragmatic, mission-oriented, and puts people first. We are not-for-profit, which is why we give back capital credits to our members every year. 

Co-ops have earned trust because, while not perfect, they always have their members’ best interests at heart and are determined to enrich lives in their communities — now and in the future.

Have questions about what it means to be a member of your co-op (PPEC)?

Reach out to us at 800-686-2357. We’re here for you!