Contact us for a solar energy consultation

Posted on Nov 02 2021 in Harrison REMC
Solar panel

Nick Geswein
Energy Advisor

Solar energy is more popular than ever before.  With technology improving, it has become a reputable energy source and will continue to be in the future. Recently, interest in solar power among members has grown, and we now have local contractors as well as those outside of the area selling and installing solar panels in the community. This is encouraging many people to consider the benefits of solar energy. Unfortunately, many members are basing their decisions about solar energy on very limited information and often the intended energy goals of the consumer are not being met.

Harrison REMC and our power supplier are actively incorporating solar into our energy generation portfolio, along with other renewable energy sources. We continue to increase the percentage of renewable energy while balancing the costs and reliability issues associated with renewable energy sources like solar. Harrison REMC continues to support members who have personal solar energy goals by offering our My Solar community solar program for access to easy, maintenance-free solar energy.

Harrison REMC is excited to begin offering free solar consultations. Our goal during these one-on-one sessions is to give accurate information regarding solar and discuss all the variables to consider before purchasing a system. Using our metering software, we will look closely at your current energy use to see if it aligns with solar generation. This will allow us to project savings and performance more accurately. There are times when a member’s use does not align with solar. If this is the case, we can discuss why and if it can be altered, so that you can get the results you are seeking.  

Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a meeting. I can be reached at or at 812-738-3438.