Conserve energy and save

Sign up for Peak Alerts at

When members shift their use of electric dryers and other appliances to before or after peak alert periods, the co-op avoids seasonal demand charges, which in return saves members’ money. The amounts listed are per year.

Sign up for Peak Alert notices today, and you’ll be entered to win a $25 bill credit during the summer months. It’s easy! You can sign up right from your smartphone or mobile device.

After you register, you’ll automatically receive emails and/or alerts on your phone. We’ll also post on social media when electric use rises sharply. If you see a Peak Alert post on one of our social media pages, share that post. You’ll be entered to win an ADDITIONAL bill credit.

By receiving Peak Alerts and shifting electric use during specific times, you have an opportunity to help Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative reduce power costs and keep rates low. This saves you and all members’ money!

Help keep electric costs in check. Sign up for Peak Alerts, rebates and more at or through our SmartHub app