Connections that brighten our lives

Posted on Feb 21 2024 in Kosciusko REMC
Kurt Carver

February is a month that prompts us to reflect on the ties that bind us here at Kosciusko REMC. A cooperative is like a family — one grounded in dependability, steadfast commitment, and shared values. Our family extends from our employees to our membership to our surrounding community.

In our close-knit community, much like a family, we share more than just the wires and poles that bring power to our homes. We share a commitment to one another, to the principles that guide our cooperative, and to the well-being of our community. It’s a connection that has been nurtured over decades, transcending the mere provision of electricity.

You’ve heard about the seven cooperative principles we live by, and one that hits home this month is “Concern for Community.” Simply put, it’s our commitment to this place we all call home. It’s about being there for each other and making sure our community thrives.

This spirit of togetherness brings me to a special initiative our team has planned for this month — the Love & Light promotion. As we celebrate the season of love, we invite you, our valued members, to share your true love stories with us. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the connections that brighten our lives, much like the reliable electricity that lights our homes. For more details on Love & Light, turn to page 6 of this issue of Indiana Connection. We look forward to hearing your stories and sharing the joy that resides within our cooperative family.

Remember that only together, with the power of cooperation, do we successfully illuminate our lives and reinforce the strength of our Kosciusko community.