Connecting to you and our community

Posted on Jan 09 2021 in Clark County REMC
Dave Vince
General Manager

When we say that we live in a “connected” world, most of us think about technology, like our smart-phones and other gadgets. But when you’re a member of an electric co-op, there’s so much more to being part of our connected co-op community.

As a member of Clark County REMC, you help to power good in our local community through initiatives like the Lend a Hand program, which has raised more than $15,000 since launching in July, and our holiday canned food drive, which saw thousands of pounds of food donated to local food pantries in the last two months. We depend on you because you power our success. When REMC does well, the community thrives because we’re all connected.

We greatly value our connection to you, the members we serve. And we’d like to help you maximize the value you can get from REMC through a variety of programs, products and services that we offer. 

For example, we can help you save money through valuable rebates when you purchase and install energy efficient HVAC equipment and water heaters. When you download our SmartHub app, you can monitor and manage your home energy use, pay your bill online, report outages, and more. Look on page 8 or 22 for more energy and money saving solutions exclusive to members of Clark County REMC.

Clark County REMC exists to serve our members, and when we’re better connected to you and our local community, we’re better prepared to answer the call.

We look forward to connecting with you!