Connecting fiber at the speed of light

Posted on Aug 05 2021 in Southeastern Indiana REMC
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SEI Fiber is a division of Southeastern Indiana REMC and a joint venture between Southeastern Indiana REMC and SEI Communications.

Leveraging SEI Communications’ expertise with fiber optic internet will allow Southeastern Indiana REMC to manage a modern, connected electric utility while serving our rural community with high-speed internet.

Dependable, reliable, high-speed internet has become a necessity. Our goal with SEI Fiber is to keep our rural communities economically viable by providing the underserved residences and businesses, especially Southeastern Indiana REMC members, with the internet access they need and deserve.

If you are interested in receiving fiber, please submit your interest at This will help us identify where the greatest need for service is and determine where to build in the future.

We offer residential and commercial packages at varying rates and speeds to fit your needs.

Why fiber?

Speed of light fast

Fiber optic cable carries data literally at the speed of light. Get up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig!). SEI Fiber will make your old connection feel like dial-up.


It’s unaffected by radio wave interference, can be submerged in water without issue and is not as susceptible to harsh temperatures. Fiber does not waver with strong winds, cloudy skies, or heavy rainfall. That kind of reliability helps deliver excellent quality internet, video, and phone!