Concern for the youth of our community

Posted on Jun 21 2024 in Henry County REMC
Melissa True

Henry County REMC, a cooperative business model advocate, has long been committed to being a responsible community partner and giving back to the place it calls home. However, we have recently doubled our efforts regarding community engagement and support.

As an employer and business in this area, we have a duty to support the community that has supported us over the years. By investing in our community, we’re not only helping our youth and members but strengthening the bonds that tie our cooperative to this town. Our community is the backbone of our success!

At Henry County REMC, community engagement takes many forms, like reaching the youth of our community and the future of the generation of our cooperative by hosting a summer camp and attending various job and career fairs. The company has provided scholarships and internships during the school year and summer break. Most recently, HCREMC paired with CoBank through their Sharing Success efforts and granted New Castle Career Center $20,000 for vocational education. The cooperative has made financial contributions on behalf of our members and Operation Round Up to local not-for-profit organizations like youth sports leagues, food pantries, and local youth engagement efforts. HCREMC also participates in 4-H live auctions annually in multiple surrounding counties.

In addition, Henry County employees visited Blue River School to participate in the Junior Achievement Program. Employees spent an hour a week for several weeks educating students about the vision they should have when making a future career choice. A further discussion revealed if that career would sustain future plans like paying bills and putting food on the table. We hope to see these students apply for jobs with HCREMC, work for a contractor that works with us, or, better yet, buy a house within our service territory to raise their families. Helping the youth see what Henry County has to offer and showing them it is a great place to live and work helps ensure a better future for our community.

Our community engagement efforts don’t just make Henry County REMC a better place; they boost employee morale, pride, and retention. Seeing the positive impact on our company and our hometown has been incredibly rewarding.