Color your springtime with mood-brightening hues

Posted on Feb 19 2020 in Features
Illustration of a person painting a wall

A new coat of paint on your home’s interior walls can create lighter mood and a fresh, new look.  

Choose a warm color in the red, orange or brown family to add drama to a room. Cool colors like blue, green and lavender are calming and soothing.  

An energy-saving tip: Before you start painting, seal any cracks and holes you find in the walls, and caulk around windows, doors and electrical outlets so heated or air-conditioned air won’t leak outdoors.  

If you’ve never tried an electric paint roller, consider trying one out. Manufacturers say a power roller makes painting easier, quicker and more even. You can also use a paint roller to finish your outdoor deck or porch. 

Here is some advice from color experts about choosing paint hues for your home:

Reserve red for kitchens or offices. The color is stimulating and raises your heartbeat for a jump-start in the morning. 

Green is a great color for the room where you like to relax. The soothing color is even used by therapists to help treat depression or anxiety. 

Restful, meditative blue works best in a bedroom. 

Yellow is energizing and can lift your mood. A yellow bathroom can help you wake up in the morning. But don’t paint your baby’s nursery yellow: Too much or too bright yellow can be agitating and upsetting, especially to babies. 

For a small room, try light colors, which are reflective and can make a room seem brighter and bigger. 

Pair dark colors with light trim, as dark colors make a room seem smaller. 

Don’t limit color to walls. Colorful throw pillows, drapes, vases and other accessories can enhance the mood of your room.