Co-op Solar brightens members’ home

Posted on Nov 29 2018 in LaGrange County REMC

Kathy and Steve Brittenham stand with their granddaughter, Naomi, and daughter, Emily, outside of their home, which is the first to become part of LaGrange County REMC’s Co-op Solar program.

Kathy Brittenham smiles as she explains why she and her husband wanted to become part of LaGrange County REMC’s Co-op Solar program.

“It’s time to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak,” Britthenham said with a laugh.

A former environmental science teacher at Prairie Heights Middle School, she said even though she knew the transition to using solar power might cost a bit more, the opportunity to positively impact generations to come with clean energy outweighed any difference.

Kathy and her husband, Steve, recently became the first LaGrange County REMC members to enroll in the program.

“I’m excited about renewable energy. I like the opportunity it provides for the future and for my grandchildren,” said Brittenham, a Wolcottville resident.

Knowing she would pay a slightly higher solar rate as part of the Solar Watts program, she was thrilled when she received her first bill in October and found that it was a “very minimal cost to be eco-friendly.” In total, the bill was about $8 more than her family’s traditional electric bill.

The Solar Watts program allows them to pay the solar rate — pennies higher than the current rate — with no locked-in contract. The energy is produced by solar arrays in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri to allow for production from multiple weather systems.

One of the biggest advantages the Brittenhams saw with Co-op Solar was that they didn’t have to make the costly investment in the installation and maintenance of a personal array, an option they had previously researched.

Steve said that his family has always been environmentally conscious, and this program gives them another opportunity to promote and encourage others to do the same.

If you’d like to learn more about Co-op Solar and the alternative energy options through LaGrange County REMC, contact Energy Advisor Jake Taylor at 877-463-7165.