Co-op savings

Posted on Mar 26 2018 in Marshall County REMC

Add a switch and save!

Members can help hold down the cost of electricity by managing their energy consumption with a load control switch. Energy management reduces the amount of electricity used in your home during peak periods (when it is the most expensive to generate). When periods of peak demand occur, Marshall County REMC can automatically signal your water heater and central air conditioning/heat pump cooling unit to reduce energy consumption for short periods of time.


Earn up to $117 per year in bill credits

When you join us in this effort to reduce energy use at key times of the day, we’ll reward you with up to $117 per year in bill credits.

You can choose to have a switch installed on your air conditioner, water heater, pool pump or all, which maximize the bill credits you will receive.

Bill credits will be awarded as follows:

Electric water heater:
$9/month in June, July and August

Air conditioner:
$15/month in June, July and August

Pool pump:
$15/month in June, July and August

There is no cost to you to install the switch.

The switch only operates for very short periods of time, so you should not experience any loss of hot water or temperature change in your home during a “peak” event.

How does this work?

When energy use is at its peak, a signal will be sent to cycle down the water heater and cooling units for short periods of time. You’ll still have plenty of hot water, and the inside temperature of your home shouldn’t be compromised.

How is this helping?

By getting as many people as possible to participate, we’re reducing peak demand when energy is the most expensive, and that means we can help keep energy costs low, as well as help reduce greenhouse emissions. So, in the end, we all benefit.