Clearing rights of way maintains reliability

Posted on Apr 06 2021 in Noble REMC
Crew worker doing tree trimming

Trees and foliage can add beauty to our landscape, provide oxygen and conserve energy.

But when they grow too close to power lines and poles, they can cause service disruptions and outages or interfere with our line crew’s work. That is why Noble REMC trims branches and limbs that grow into our lines and sprays safe herbicides on vegetation growing around our poles.

As the warmer weather brings you outdoors, you will see our right-of-way crew out doing what they do best — keeping you and your family safe while maintaining service reliability.

This year, our spraying crew will be focusing its efforts on the south one-third of our territory, which covers approximately the area south of Baseline Road from Garrett to Wilmot.

The spraying application uses non-restricted chemicals that are scientifically designed to work on plants, not people or animals. 

REMINDER: If you would like to maintain the right-of-way that crosses your property in some other way, “Do Not Spray” signs are available at the Noble REMC office. However, you must make sure the signs are visible and legible from the roadway and notify us of your location.