Celebrating Earth Day

Posted on Mar 22 2018 in Noble REMC

On April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day by educating the public regarding ecological issues and taking part in local projects to improve the environment. In honor of that annual initiative, Noble REMC would like to remind our members about alternative energy programs available to them throughout the year.

Noble REMC’s Co-op Solar program makes it easier and more affordable to invest in solar power — a clean, renewable and sustainable source of energy.

Instead of connecting directly to solar panels, you’re connected through your regular electric lines to solar arrays across the Midwest that convert sunlight into electricity. You get the benefits of solar energy without any onsite equipment or maintenance.

When you participate in Co-op Solar, you purchase a “share” of solar power, giving you access to that energy.

Also available to members is the opportunity to take part in the EnviroWatts program, which supports alternative energy sources.

Members who participate in the EnviroWatts program pay an additional one cent per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for their first 500 kWh, guaranteeing the number of kWh to be generated from environmentally friendly alternative energy sources. These renewable sources include wind, sun, biomass and water.

That premium is then placed in a fund that is used to provide grants to not-for-profit groups’ environmentally friendly projects in the Noble REMC service area.

For more information on these programs, or to sign up for EnviroWatts, visit nobleremc.com/programs or call our office at 800-933-7362.