Celebrating Co-op Month

Posted on Oct 22 2023 in Jasper County REMC

October is National Co-op Month, which is the perfect time to highlight the many ways cooperatives are unique. Cooperatives are locally governed, looking out for the long-term needs of their consumer-members, which means they belong to the communities they serve. This heightened community focus allows us to quickly adapt to evolving consumer expectations. Our closeness to the community ensures a better response to these needs because we are led by the people we serve. 

Co-ops engage their consumer-members to do things that might otherwise be impossible or difficult, such as more than 80 years ago when electric co-ops brought power to areas where other utilities did not find it economically feasible. Hidden #23456001. Today, it means bringing high-speed rural internet directly to your door, paying online, logging your outage through an app, reading your meter remotely and offering you energy-efficiency rebates. 

Cooperatives exist to meet the future needs of their consumer-members and we will continue to listen to your requests, concerns and ideas to maintain a contemporary cooperative.