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Another language

Posted on Feb 12, 2007 in From the Editor

I can’t shake the image. When I think of George Washington, my first impression is of him chopping down a cherry tree. I can’t recall why he allegedly got ax-happy. Maybe he figured if the branches fell to the ground, it would be easier to get to the fruit. Hunger, after all, can lead to… Continue reading.

Arrest of a story

Posted on Jan 12, 2007 in From the Editor

The big police news here in Indianapolis this month is the Jan. 1 merging of the Indianapolis Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department into the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The merger, said Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, should save from $9 to $10 million and will eventually lead to more officers patrolling capital city… Continue reading.

Once upon a Christmastime

Posted on Dec 10, 2006 in Features

In September, we began asking readers to submit their favorite memories of this special time of year. As they did with last year’s Thanksgiving memories, readers did not disappoint. We received 85 letters and e-mails from all over the state. Some of the memories were funny. Some were sweet. And some were sad. We tried… Continue reading.

Batten down the hatches!

Posted on Nov 09, 2006 in Energy, Features

If your home has air leaks around walls, doors and windows or if you’ve left the fireplace damper open, it’s the same as having your money blow right out of your house. You’re paying for that heat that’s lost with the wind. So, if you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to prepare your… Continue reading.

Bratton: “A National Hero”

Posted on Oct 09, 2006 in Features

Waynetown is a close-knit, mostly rural farming community in western Montgomery County. But until several years ago, few residents knew a nationally historic figure was forever in their midst. William Bratton, buried beneath a white obelisk in the Old Pioneer Cemetery on the east edge of town, was a private in the famed Corps of… Continue reading.

The Legacy Lives On

Posted on Oct 09, 2006 in Features

Two decades ago, Ray and Phyllis Yeager moved from Montana where they’d lived most of their lives to the knobs of Southern Indiana. Sometime later, Phyllis came across a historical marker on the banks of the Ohio River in Clarksville that piqued her interest. The marker stood seemingly unnoticed by most passersby and isolated —… Continue reading.

‘Circus’ Pioneer

Posted on Aug 12, 2006 in From the Editor

In today’s world of iPods and plasma screen TVs, the idea of a traveling “circus” showcasing electric appliances like irons, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners seems inconceivable. Yet, almost 70 years ago, these educational Farm Shows, nicknamed “circuses” because they were usually held outdoors under large tents, were popular events throughout rural America. As many as… Continue reading.

Lifting the Shadows

Posted on Aug 09, 2006 in Features

Indiana’s electric cooperatives talk a lot about “community commitment.” That commitment runs deeper than just providing electricity and services or promoting festivals and economic development. True commitment supports the good; it confronts the bad. This month, Electric Consumer looks at a program dedicated to preventing the sexual abuse of our children that’s available to communities…. Continue reading.

Good day, Calendar Art

Posted on May 09, 2006 in Features, For Youth

Our annual student art contest is in the books. Greet the winning works from grades k-12, and meet our “artist of the year.” In just several months, these winning works will be published in the 2007 cooperative calendar that will help you greet another new year! A painting of a little girl picking a pumpkin… Continue reading.

Powering a Greener New World!

Posted on Apr 10, 2006 in Features

In the early 1970s, animated ditties began airing between cartoons on Saturday morning TV. Called Schoolhouse Rock, the catchy tunes taught kids the function of conjunctions, multiplication, science and more. In one about electricity, the voice-over whimsically mused, “Now, if we only had a superhero who could stand here and turn the generator real fast,… Continue reading.

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