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County Profile: Fulton County

Posted on Mar 28, 2019 in County

The frugal farmers of Fulton County cut corners building their barns a century ago — literally. The barns they built were round. In doing so, the northcentral Indiana county became known as the “Round Barn Capital of the World.” The county’s appreciation and preservation of its special marks in history make the county special, too…. Continue reading.

Best foot forward

Posted on Feb 27, 2019 in Profile

By Nick Rogers Sheila Klinker apologizes, but she has to reschedule. Something has come up on this rare day off from 2019’s session of the Indiana General Assembly, where Klinker has been a Democratic state representative for House District 27 since 1982. She’ll talk more later, but still makes time to preview that discussion —… Continue reading.

Dig deep into Hoosier Hysteria’s roots

Posted on Feb 27, 2019 in Travel

When the inventor of the game of basketball — James Naismith — visited Indiana’s high school basketball state finals in 1925, he quipped that he may have invented the game in Massachusetts, but “basketball really had its origin in Indiana.” This time of year, those Hoosier roots of the game rise to the rafters of… Continue reading.

County Feature: St. Joseph County

Posted on Feb 27, 2019 in County

Two feast days this month make St. Joseph County a divine choice to feature. The first is March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day. The county on the Michigan border, of course, is home to the renowned University of Notre Dame, whose athletic teams are known as “The Fighting Irish.” The pugilistic leprechaun with raised dukes… Continue reading.

Tomato Talk

Posted on Feb 27, 2019 in Features

By Brian D. Smith Call me Mr. Tomato Head. That’s the nickname I earned in a previous job after gathering ripe tomatoes from my backyard garden at the crack of dawn, hauling them to my downtown Indianapolis office, and tempting my co-workers with the offer, “Free to good homes!” And these were no run-of-the-mill ’maters,… Continue reading.

Career Profile: Active in the community

Posted on Jan 30, 2019 in Features

Top 3 responsibilities in a day Social media. I make sure we’re sharing important information and stay on top of questions and comments. Writing. I write content for our magazine, social media and other places. Projects. We have something different going on all the time that I coordinate. How long have you been in your… Continue reading.

On Goose Pond

Posted on Jan 30, 2019 in Travel

When 25,000 Sandhill Cranes flock together in southwestern Indiana, “Marsh Madness” ensues at the Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area in Greene County. The ninth annual Marsh Madness Sandhill Crane Festival, March 1-2, coincides with the northern migration of the Sandhills. The big birds have made the Goose Pond a pitstop since the restoration began… Continue reading.

Keeping your pets smiling bright

Posted on Jan 30, 2019 in Pets

Don’t turn your nose to Fido’s or Fluffy’s bad breath! That odor might signify a serious health problem. That’s the message the American Veterinary Medical Association wants pet owners to consider during February, the National Pet Dental Health Month. Dental health is important to your pet’s overall health, just as it is for humans. And… Continue reading.

Welcome to Hoosierwood

Posted on Jan 30, 2019 in Features

By Brian D. Smith In the 2001 movie “Pearl Harbor,” Doolittle’s Raiders – 16 American bombers and their crews – fly low over the Pacific Ocean before releasing their explosives on industrial targets in Tokyo. But it wasn’t really the Pacific, it wasn’t really Tokyo, and the World War II warplanes weren’t really flying over… Continue reading.

County Feature — Knox County

Posted on Jan 30, 2019 in County

Knox County is a county of firsts. Established in 1790 along the eastern banks of the Wabash River, it was the first county in what became Indiana — 26 years before Indiana even became a state. Its county seat, Vincennes, was founded by the French in 1732 and is Indiana’s oldest city. When the U.S…. Continue reading.

County Profile: Monroe County

Posted on Dec 28, 2018 in Features

Electric Consumer presents a new page feature for January 2019: County of the Month. Each month, we’ll focus on one of Indiana’s 92 counties, providing some basic data along with a brief story about places or events or people that make the county unique. As a gateway to Southern Indiana’s beautiful and rustic uplands and… Continue reading.

Cheap tricks

Posted on Dec 20, 2018 in Features

Fixing a recurring, irritating problem or adding just that right light touch to a drab room can be done without that hard-to-find “right” tool or “right” bauble. An effective solution could be right under your nose at the local general store or already in that junk drawer in the kitchen. It just takes the right… Continue reading.

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