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Electric Co-op Facts and Figures

Posted on Oct 04, 2023 in Features, Heartland REMC, Henry County REMC, Newton County REMC, Southeastern Indiana REMC, Warren County REMC

• Electric co-ops serve 42 million people and power over 21.5 million businesses, homes, schools and farms in 48 states. • Boone REMC was a model for other rural electric groups in the country. The REMC received one of the Rural Electrification Administration’s first loans on July 22, 1935. It was energized on May 21,… Continue reading.

What Are Co-ops All About?

Posted on Oct 04, 2023 in Features, Henry County REMC, Newton County REMC, Southeastern Indiana REMC

The word “cooperative” is similar to “cooperation,” meaning people working together and mutually benefiting one another and the larger community. That’s the essence of the cooperative spirit, and co-ops exist for one reason: to serve their members. Not only have cooperatives been formed to sell electricity, produce and flowers, but there are also co-ops that… Continue reading.

Co-op Principles 101

Posted on Oct 04, 2023 in Daviess-Martin County REMC, Dubois REC, Features, Newton County REMC, Orange County REMC, Paulding-Putnam Electric Cooperative, Southeastern Indiana REMC, Warren County REMC

Cooperatives play a vital role in transforming communities. The roots of the modern co-op movement can be traced back to a store started by a group of weavers in the town of Rochdale in northern England in 1844. The group was guided by a set of principles drawn up by one of its members, Charles… Continue reading.

Two hats, one goal

Posted on Sep 17, 2023 in Features

Sometimes when Heath Hudnut is on his riding mower cutting grass on weekends or in the evening, his wife must flag him down. An emergency call has come in, and he needs to grab his white hat and go. But Hudnut wears two white hats in his rural community. One is the hardhat of a… Continue reading.

County Profile: Clark County

Posted on Sep 16, 2023 in County

The second oldest county in Indiana, Clark County is located on the north bank of the Ohio River across from Louisville, Kentucky. It was named after General George Rogers Clark, who was the older brother of William Clark — one of the leaders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Days of family fun In Borden,… Continue reading.

Professional Progression: Kendall Hankins

Posted on Sep 16, 2023 in Profile

During Kendall Hankins’ initial job interview with Southeastern Indiana REMC, the general manager asked him one question that caught his attention. Beyond his qualifications for the job, the GM wanted to know what Hankins did for his community. He was glad the GM asked. Not only did Hankins have impressive community experiences to share, but… Continue reading.

Indiana State Sanatorium

Posted on Sep 16, 2023 in Travel

Constructed in 1908, the Indiana State Sanatorium was originally built to give respite and healing to those suffering from tuberculosis.  More than a medical facility, the Sanatorium, and its surrounding buildings situated on over 200 acres, functioned as a self-sufficient community. Doctors and nurses lived on the property. There was a greenhouse, a dairy barn… Continue reading.

Labor Wisely This Labor Day

Posted on Aug 30, 2023 in Features

For many people, Labor Day is a day of rest and relaxation. For others, it’s the perfect time to catch up on outdoor projects before the season changes. If you’re planning on laboring outside this Labor Day, Sept. 4, remember these pointers so that you work safely: Use fiberglass or wood ladders when working around… Continue reading.

Meet the Team: Mandy Barth

Posted on Aug 30, 2023 in From the Editor, Newton County REMC

The final member of the Indiana Connection team to highlight is Mandy Barth, the vice president of communication at Indiana Electric Cooperatives, the publisher of the magazine. Her essential leadership provides the glue that binds the whole team together. Here’s more about her: As vice president of communication, it is my pleasure to work alongside… Continue reading.

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