Career Profile: Providing quality service

SCI REMC's Brandon Hutton Talks Vegetation Management Career

Posted on Mar 26 2020 in Profile
Photo of Brandon Hutton
Brandon Hutton, vegetation management manager at South Central Indiana REMC.

Top 3 responsibilities in a day:

  1. Provide direction. I lead the superintendents and forepersons who oversee our tree crews.
  2. Purchase. I make sure our crews have the resources they need to run safely and efficiently like personal protective equipment, tools and equipment. 
  3. Budgeting. I set and maintain a consistent budget for the required scope of work.

How would you describe working for a cooperative?

It is like working with your friends on a project that you all care about.

What are your professional goals at the cooperative?

I take every opportunity that is presented to show my skills and look for opportunities for personal development, and then teach others as quickly as I learn new skills.

What kind of education has made you successful in this role?

I am a certified arborist, certified utility arborist, certified category 5 (aquatic) and 6 (industrial) herbicide applicator. Most of my education has been through Purdue University Extension.

What part of your job do you find to be most fulfilling? 

Being a part of the hardworking team at our cooperative and providing our consumers with a quality service. 

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

There are many opportunities for growth at an electric cooperative and we train our tree crews with the knowledge we may someday lose them to another career within the cooperative.

Why did you choose to accept a job at a co-op?

It was a great opportunity to work with my friends and neighbors while providing a needed service in the community I grew up in.

How is your cooperative involved in the community?

We are always looking for ways to support the communities we serve with either our equipment or the talents of our employees.