Career Profile: Human Resources

Helping employees become their best selves

Posted on Jan 27 2020 in Profile
Melody Lynch from Whitewater Valley REMC
Melody Lynch, human resources director at Whitewater Valley REMC, talks to an employee.

Top 3 responsibilities in a day:

  • Employee relations. I work with our employees to develop solutions to make sure we’re all providing the best service to our consumers.
  • Employee training and development. I help make sure our team has the resources they need to meet their goals.
  • Special projects. There is always something different that I’m working on.

What education and training were needed for your position? 

I started working at the cooperative right out of high school as a customer service representative and have gained a lot of on-the-job training simply by being curious. I later earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and human resources management, which brought me to my current role.

Why did you decide to work for a cooperative? 

I first accepted the job because it was close to home, but later came to realize how great the work environment, benefits and relationships were. This job has provided a great living for my family and the people I have met have become some of my closest friends. 

What part of your job is most fulfilling?

It’s helping our employees become the most successful version of themselves.

What part of your job is most challenging?

The same as the most fulfilling! Sometimes, fear holds people back and it can be challenging to help them let go of those fears.

What are your professional goals at the cooperative?

I want to find new ways to help our team succeed and provide services to our consumers.

How is your cooperative involved in the community?

There are always opportunities to get involved with the important issues in the communities we serve. Over the years, we’ve been involved with things like community service projects, Junior Achievement, Relay for Life, holiday parades, and more.

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