Capital credit update

Posted on Nov 29 2018 in Decatur County REMC

For 80 years Decatur County REMC has been providing members with safe, reliable electric service. As a benefit of membership, you earn money back based on the amount of electricity you purchase from us annually. We call this money capital credits.

Capital credits are allocated to account holders for a specific year. Disbursement of earned capital credits is determined by the board of directors, based on the amount of funds available for a given year and the financial need of the co-op. Currently our board is retiring capital credits on a 25- to 30-year cycle.

DCREMC recently allocated the following capital credit amounts to members with service during these years:

2016 — $2,127,143

2017— $1,685,938

DCREMC is proud to serve you, your neighbors, and your community. We are diligent in our efforts and are pleased to have the financial stability to pay capital credits to our members past and present.

As a member of Decatur County REMC we will continue to provide you with quality service and value including the disbursement of capital credit payments.