Call an electrician for recurring problems

Posted on Apr 21 2021 in Features
Female electrician

While electrical safety is something we need to think about every day, and we can do much to ensure it, sometimes we have to call in an expert to deal with electrical problems in our home. Problems may be expensive to fix but none is as costly as an electrical fire that damages your home, or, infinitely worse, burns or kills a loved one.

Be sure to call your trusty local electrician in these situations:

  • Recurring tripped circuit breakers or multiple blown fuses can signify a dangerous electrical problem. Contact a licensed electrician immediately.
  • Flickering or dimming lights could mean bigger problems ahead.
  • Installing a new window A/C unit may overload the electrical circuit you are planning to plug it into. Large units should have their own separate circuit. Check with an electrician about adding a new dedicated line.
  • Power strips give you more outlets, but no more “power.” Relying on them too much can be a problem! You may need to install more outlets in your home. Call a qualified electrician for help.