Calendar of Art Student 2016

Posted on Oct 04 2016 in Gallery of Art

Cooperative Calendar of Student Art 2016The 18th edition of the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art celebrated Indiana’s Bicentennial: 1816-2016.

For this contest, students were asked to depict the month assigned to their respective grade along with an added dimension of Indiana history, culture, events, places or people. The calendar received the official endorsement as a “Legacy Project” by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission. Titles for these works were given by Electric Consumer to help make the Indiana connection.

The artwork was produced during the 2014-15 school year and was judged in spring 2015. Almost 1,800 pieces of art were submitted for all 13 grades.

The Best of Show winner was 7th grader/July winner Evan Olinger.

00_2016 Evelyn Abrams Blaine Wehmiller Kelis East Yianna Seibold Meredith Sibert Precious Jones Evan Olinger Katelyn Goodpaster Breanna Crum Laurabeth Landis Athena Silot Richard LaFrance Kristen Philpps Naomi Kujak Jhurni Cassady Luke Lanam Danielle Sommerman Bella-Saige David Alyson Kniola


Laurabeth Landis Mercedez Morgan