Calendar of Student Art 2015

Posted on Oct 04 2016 in Gallery of Art

2015 Cooperative Calendar of Student ArtThe 17th edition of the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art featured artwork created during the 2013-14 school year.

The contest was judged in spring 2014. Almost 1,900 pieces of art were submitted for the contest.

The Best of Show was 12th Grade/December winner Aika Chen.

00_2015 Naomi Schroeder, Kendallville Ava Trainor, DeMotte Alyssa Swanson, Leesburg Melodia Jones, Charlestown Danielle Sommerman, English Evan Olinger, Sellersburg Kaleigh Mann, Rising Sun Macey Hood, Fort Wayne Jane Phillips, Columbus Athena Silot, Avon, Ind. Alex Peterson, Wabash, Ind. Aika Chen, Columbus, Ind. Vienna Braun, Decatur, Ind. Morgan Burgess, Owensville, Ind. Luke Lanam, Seymour, Ind. Kelian East, Brownstown, Ind. Luka Chabukashvili, Madison, Ind. McKindree Johnson, Seymour, Ind., Austin, Ind. Casey Dierks, South Whitley, Ind. Whitney Marsh, South Whitley