The business of energy savings

How commercial rebates can save your business money

Posted on Sep 04 2018 in Energy


By Michaela Cox

You don’t need a business degree to understand that when you’re running a commercial operation, you need to manage costs. And one of the easiest ways to save on your monthly energy bills is to invest in energy-efficient equipment and appliances.

While energy-smart lighting and machines run on less electricity and can last years longer than their traditional counterparts, they sometimes come with higher upfront purchase prices. A higher price tag may be hard to justify when an owner is watching the business’s bottom line.

But thanks to rebates from your electric cooperative’s power supplier — either Hoosier Energy in southern Indiana or Wabash Valley Power in the northern half of the state — business owners have access to immediate savings.

Buying LED bulbs and water heaters through a cooperative — and taking advantage of rebates — has benefited residential members for a while. However, many businesses may not be aware that they qualify for the same types of discounts on an industrial level. These rebates and incentives apply to the purchase and installation of energy-efficient lighting, HVAC equipment, energy-efficient motor equipment, compressed air systems, and any energy-efficient upgrade that may be applicable for a custom program.

When businesses switch to energy-efficient equipment, not only are they lowering their electric bills with their decreased energy use, they are also helping to keep prices low for everyone. With lower demand for electricity, the need for expensive construction to expand the energy-providers’ power plants can be delayed, keeping rates low
for all members.

To learn more about how your business can start cutting costs each month, visit or, or contact your local electric cooperative.

Michaela Cox was a marketing and member services intern at Orange County REMC in Orleans, Indiana.