Building relationships is key

Posted on Jun 02 2023 in Decatur County REMC
Brett Abplanalp

Transparency. This is a word that has been circling for the last several years. It is a word I do not like using, not because of what it means but because of what I’d rather say — building relationships.  

When I joined Decatur County REMC six years ago, this is how I started. I met with members, got their feedback, answered their questions and built relationships. I heard their concerns, as well as what made them proud to be a member of DCREMC.

During these times of building relationships, we have listened. Financials, board minutes and agendas, along with the recordings of the board meetings, are posted on our website. Communication is being pushed on our Facebook page and through email and is being done more than it ever has.

For me though, I love communicating in person. We recently held our “Wings & Watts Up” event, which turned out great. Lots of members joined, several expressed concerns, and we received some feedback we are looking into. If you could not make it, I encourage you to check the recording out — it is linked on our website and was posted on Facebook.

I also encourage you to chat with me at the Annual Meeting on June 16. We have a lot planned and I will be standing by to hear from you.

From the day I started until when my last day comes, I am accessible, always! When I end these articles with “call or stop in,” I truly mean it. I have an open-door policy and want you to ask me questions and tell me your thoughts, good or bad. This is your co-op.