Building a home?

This program helps you build a comfortable, energy-efficient abode

When planning to build a new home, avoid the pitfalls of drafty rooms, poor air circulation and high electric bills.

Build a Touchstone Energy® Home to live comfortably — while receiving incentives for a new home guaranteed to save you money.

The Touchstone Energy Home program, which is available through your local electric cooperative, guides you through building a home focused on comfort, high-performance and energy efficiency. The program emphasizes technology, air sealing and the building science that will make the home you build comfortable and operate at a lower cost than a standard-built home.

The average annual cost to heat a Touchstone Energy Home is $500 and the average annual cost to cool the home is $125. A Touchstone Energy Home comes with a one year heating and cooling cost guarantee. You will know how much it costs to heat and cool your home right after moving in, and we stand by those annual heating and cooling costs! In the first year, if your heating or cooling costs exceed those in the guarantee, you are reimbursed for 50 percent of the difference between the guarantee and your actual costs.

You should start planning as soon as you know you want to build a house. Contact your local electric co-op’s energy adviser or visit to find builders or for more information.

How does it work?

  • An initial meeting between your co-op and your builder is required to discuss key construction components and review program requirements.
  • A HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater reviews the blueprints and discusses how certain areas can impact energy performance and occupant comfort with your builder.
  • The rater will visit the home after the insulation is installed to verify the insulation has been installed properly and the home’s holes and cracks have been properly air sealed.
  • The rater also returns to the site after construction is complete for a final air sealing verification using a duct blaster and blower door.

Program Benefits

  • Mechanical ventilation and air sealing details for improved indoor air quality
  • Incentives on energy efficient upgrades that will improve comfort while saving money on long-term energy costs
  • Guarantee on heating and cooling costs for the first year, with partial reimbursement on any difference
  • A blower door test, which is a $750 value, included for free