Broadway Broadband brings high-speed internet to rural business

Posted on Apr 06 2022 in Miami-Cass REMC
Don's Amusements
Miami-Cass REMC Director of IT Mike Mavrick poses with Don’s Amusements Owner Scott Wright.

Don’s Amusements in Peru has been in business since 1972 and at its current rural location since 1983. The company purchases, repairs and restores a large variety of coin-operated arcade equipment and games of every kind — pinball, skee ball, valley pool tables, air hockey, and dartboards. The business was started by Don Wright and is currently operatived by his son, Scott.

The equipment is marketed to individuals and businesses throughout the United States (locally you can find some of its games at Bonus Pints in Logansport), and the majority of its marketing is done online via Facebook, eBay, etc. Therefore, having reliable, high-speed internet isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

Thankfully Broadway Broadband was able to make that a reality for Don’s Amusements the beginning of March. Prior to receiving their fiber connection, the business’ internet was unreliable at best and, at times, didn’t work at all. This made running the business difficult.

The coming of high-speed internet to rural communities allows new businesses to locate in more areas. If you would be interested in discussing your organization’s internet needs with Miami-Cass REMC, please call us at 888-620-3322 or email us at