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The value of co-op membership

Posted on May 24 2019 in Decatur County REMC

Value — it’s such a relative word.  What is valuable to you may not be perceived as valuable by your neighbor.  What you value as a consumer may not be important to the next consumer.

For instance, our annual candidate election is underway. As a member, you have the ability to choose your representation through multiple mediums.  Not only do you get to vote for your directors, but you can do so in a manner that works for you. This year, we’re offering the following voting options — early by mail, through our SmartHub portal, via an online link that was in your election packet, or in person at the annual meeting on June 14. You asked for early-voting alternatives, and we are pleased to provide these convenient options.  

Your electric cooperative, Decatur County REMC works hard to create and demonstrate multiple levels of value to meet 6,500+ members’ needs and wants.  This can be a daunting task, but I am confident that you can find value in the services provided through your co-op.

Speaking of convenience, do you value convenient bill payment options?  DCREMC provides various payment options — online; phone; bank draft; mail; after-hours dropbox; and, as always, in the office where you’ll be greeted by our friendly customer service representatives.

Are engagement, connection, and access to leadership things you value as a member?  We know some of you do and we are providing opportunities to engage, connect, and hear from you. I want members to see me in the grocery store or at church and feel comfortable enough to ask me questions. We value your feedback and engagement. 

I started the Member Connect program in which I meet with members to listen and learn. We have hosted multiple town hall meetings to engage and share valuable information, and I invite you to come in and speak with me at the office.  

Value is individually determined, but I know that our upcoming annual meeting will have something of value for everyone!  With family friendly fun, musical entertainment, food, ice cream, and more, I hope to see you and your family on June 14 at the DCREMC Annual Meeting.

Our annual meeting is the best opportunity for you to engage as a member, connect with other members and DCREMC employees, and have direct access to ask questions of myself and your elected directors. Look for me under the CEO tent and let me know how we can provide value to you as a member of Decatur County REMC.

See you on the June 14!