Boost the value of your home with fiber internet

Posted on Aug 07 2022 in Heartland REMC
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Fiber internet from TWN Communications has many benefits! Fast speed, a reliable connection, secure technology, no throttling or term commitments. But did you know that access to high-speed fiber internet can also increase the value of your home? 

According to a study released by Fiber to the Home Council Americas (FTTH), upgrading your network to fiber can add 3.1% to your home’s value. That means on a $300,000 home you could add over $9,300 to your value. And, with the current real estate market, you can most likely expect even more! 

In fact, switching to fiber internet provides the same value as adding a new fireplace or a half bath. No construction, demo, or effort required.  

Today, the demand for high-speed internet has never been greater. Between smart home technology, remote work, TV streaming, online education, and virtual appointments, having fast, reliable internet is a necessity. 

In our connected society, ensuring your home has fiber internet is a wise investment.  

With TWN’s fiber internet, you will have the speed and bandwidth you need for all your digital activities. Fiber internet’s fast and symmetrical upload and download speeds will make working from home a breeze. You will never have to worry about your shows buffering due to a bad connection and you can rest assured that your smart home security system will always stay on.  

Fiber internet also can protect your personal data and keep you cyber safe. Because it sends information as pulses of light rather than by radiating electrical signals, it is much more difficult to hack. 

Making the switch to fiber internet can help your home stand out from the rest! Fiber is the future. As a homeowner, adding fiber guarantees that your home will withstand multiple decades of technological advancements, while home buyers view fiber connectivity as a solid long-term decision.  

Increase the value of your home with fiber internet from TWN! If you haven’t done so already, sign the Underground Agreement today to make sure you are fiber-ready when service becomes available in your area. 

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