Board member Marcum receives director gold credential

Posted on May 27 2024 in Henry County REMC
Melissa True and Jamey Marcum
Melissa True, HCREMC CEO, presents Jamey Marcum with his Director Gold certificate.

Henry County REMC board member Jamey Marcum recently received the Director Gold Credential from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). Director Gold Credential recognizes directors who have already earned their Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) and Board Leadership Certificate (BLC) and who wish to continue to learn throughout their service on the board.

“The Director Gold certificate is geared toward directors who are committed to continuing their education beyond CCD and BLC and who desire a tangible credential that reinforces their stature as part of an experienced and educated group of directors,” said Melissa True, CEO. “Director Gold also demonstrates to co-op members those directors’ ongoing commitment to advancing their knowledge and performing their fiduciary duty to the best of their ability.”

For a director to earn the Director Gold certificate, they must have already earned the CCD and BLC and earn three additional credits from the BLC series of courses. Unlike the CCD and BLC certificates, Director Gold includes a continuing education requirement that calls for directors to earn three credits of approved coursework and/or conferences every two years to maintain their Director Gold status.

NRECA represents the nation’s almost 900 private, consumer-owned electric cooperatives, which provide electric service to more than 42 million people in 48 states, with over 7,200 directors.