Board meeting highlights for July

Posted on Aug 22 2018 in Southern Indiana Power

In an effort to keep you informed of your cooperative’s operations and activities, the following are highlights of the July 19 board meeting.

1. All directors were present along with CEO Steve Seibert and Administrative Assistant Lisa Hinton.
2. The June 19 board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
3. The membership certificates and vouchers were reviewed and approved.
4. The director’s report were reviewed and approved.
5. As the first item of new business, the CEO report was given with Seibert reporting the following items:

  • a. Seibert reported on a Cooperatives One conference call.
  • b. Seibert reviewed the 2018 IEC residential rate survey.
  • c. Seibert reported capital credit pre-retirement notices will be sent to inactive members who received power from Southern Indiana Power in 1993. Active members no longer need to complete a capital credit pre-retirement notice.
  • d. Seibert informed the board the spray crew is spraying on the Tell City substation
  • e. Seibert provided an update on the MISO Coleman/Duff project.
  • f. Seibert reported on a Hoosier Energy end use survey. Members will be surveyed beginning in late 2018 through May 2019.
  • g. Seibert reported the following meeting dates: NRECA regional meeting — Sept. 6-7, legislative meeting — Sept. 25.

6. Chuck Tiemann, senior risk management/regulatory consultant with IEC, conducted jobs briefing and worksite traffic control safety training on July 9. Seibert advised there were no lost time accidents and no public liability claims to report.
7. Directors reviewed section two of the NRECA good governance task force report.

8. Seibert reported on an annual meeting committee meeting held July 12. The 2019 annual meeting will be held Tuesday, April 16, at the Spencer County Youth and Community Center. The meeting format will remain the same.
9. Seibert reported on a marketing committee meeting held on June 28.
10. A wage and salary committee meeting has been scheduled for Aug. 24.
11. CEO and board evaluation forms were distributed.
12. Director Gary Waninger reported on the Hoosier Energy board meeting held July 9.
13. Director Kevin Waninger reported on a CoBank energy directors’ conference.
14. Chairman Jeff Vogel shared thank you notes received from Claire Davis and Christian Resource Center.
15. The next regularly scheduled board of directors’ meeting will be Wednesday, Aug. 29.