Board highlights for June

Posted on Jul 31 2021 in Southern Indiana Power

In an effort to keep you informed of your cooperative’s operations and activities, the following are highlights of the June 30 board meeting. 

1. All directors were present along with CEO Steve Seibert. Also present were Administrative Assistant Lisa Hinton and Manager of Finance and Accounting Amy Ramsey.

2. The May 26 board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.

3. The membership certificates were reviewed.

4. The vouchers were reviewed and approved.

5. The directors’ reports were reviewed and approved.

6. Seibert provided an update on the FTTH/broadband project with PSC.

7. The CEO report was the first item of new business with Seibert reporting the following items:

a. Seibert reported the cooperative continues to monitor local Covid-19 data and follow CDC guidelines.

b. Seibert discussed mask and travel/training restrictions and procedures related to the pandemic.

c. Seibert reviewed HB 1164 regarding pole attachments.  

d. Seibert informed the board the capital credit notices will be mailed to former members on July 21. Current members of Southern Indiana Power are no longer required to complete a capital credit notice. Checks will be issued in November.

e. Seibert reported the spray crew is working on the Newtonville substation.

f. Seibert informed the board of the following meeting dates: NRECA CEO Conference — Aug. 18-20, NRECA Region I and IV meeting — Sept. 9-10 and CoBank Energy Directors conference — Oct. 25-27. 

8. Adam Lock, safety and risk management instructor at IEC, performed worksite traffic control safety training on June 22. Seibert advised there were no lost time accidents and no public liability claims to report.

9. Ramsey reviewed the IRS Form 990 questionnaire with directors.

10. Director Gary Waninger was selected delegate and Seibert alternate to the NRECA Region I and IV meeting to be held Sept. 9-10.

11. Director Randy Kleaving was selected delegate and Director G. Waninger alternate to the CFC district meeting to be held Sept. 9.

12. Seibert reported on an IEC board meeting held June 30.

13. Seibert reported on a capital credit committee meeting held June 22.

14. Seibert reported on the CFC Summer Summit held June 14-16.

15. Chairman Jeff Vogel shared thank you notes received from PCDC and Spencer County Democrats. 

16. The next regularly scheduled board of directors meeting will be Wednesday, July 28.