Bill redesign unveiled

Posted on Jun 25 2018 in Noble REMC

Showcasing new colors, more information and an updated layout, Noble REMC will unveil the redesign of its bill this month in an effort to make paying for and understanding it that much simpler.

In the first overhaul of our bill in about 20 years, the design will allow members to more easily read and understand their bill while receiving more information. It will also help to direct consumers to the available online billing services of the cooperative.

The most noticeable change in the modern makeover, other than the use of more colors, is the utilization of the back of the bill to inform members of how to contact the cooperative, alert us to power outages, contact 811 before a digging project and benefit from the knowledge of our energy advisor.

It will also give information on how to register and download our free online app, SmartHub, which can also be accessed online. About a third of our members currently use the app to pay their bill, as well as to study a graph breakdown of their power use, right down to the hour, and receive notifications about outages, power restoration, use and billing.

Looking at the front of the bill, members will have the opportunity to see a history of their payments under their account summary and be given the different options for how they can pay their bill, whether with SmartHub, electronic check or credit card.

Large power accounts will also see more metering information on the front of their bill to better explain each month’s use.

And in an effort to better communicate with you, we’ve provided a space at the bottom left for you to update your contact information if and when it changes or another phone line is added.