Bill adjustment to be seen this month

Posted on Mar 08 2023 in Noble REMC

Coal and gas delivery and extremely cold weather at the end of 2022 are impacting the cost of providing reliable electricity to our co-op members. 

Noble REMC’s power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA), is a not-for-profit like Noble REMC, so the increased cost of generating and transmitting electricity to over 331,000 members in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri must be recovered from its consumers. As a member of WVPA, Noble REMC will be affected by the increase.

To recover the increase in the cost of power we purchase and distribute from WVPA, Noble REMC will set our Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) to $0.0085 per kWh. 

This change is effective with February’s use, which will be reflected on the bill you receive this month.

Delivering reliable power at the lowest possible cost continues to be the mission of both Noble REMC and WVPA. We are all working hard to manage expenses to continue to deliver on this mission, with Noble REMC remaining one of the lowest-cost energy providers in our area. 

We encourage you to visit both and to learn ways you can save energy and money.