Big Project, Big Progress

A Look Inside the Fiber Broadband Build-Out

Posted on Nov 07 2021 in Heartland REMC

E-learning, telehealth appointments, online banking, ordering groceries, or even streaming TV … we understand that being connected is important!  

That’s why TWN Communications is proud to partner with Heartland REMC to bring fiber internet to your front door.

Currently, Heartland REMC and TWN are working together to construct a fiber-optic communication network throughout Heartland’s service territory. Construction on this expansive, five-year infrastructure project first began in 2019 and will be completed in phases, with the goal of providing a connection to each Heartland REMC service endpoint. 

Not only will this project provide Heartland REMC members with the option to receive fast, reliable fiber-based internet and phone service, but we also hope this endeavor creates a lasting impact on the area.

TWN’s goal is to provide Heartland REMC members with a dependable fiber connection so communities can thrive, local economies can grow, and the quality of life for residents can improve.

TWN is working hand-in-hand with Heartland REMC to design, build, and manage a network of the highest standard because even hard-to-reach areas deserve the best in broadband service.  

Recently, the final three fiber equipment huts were set, bringing the grand total to 15. Completing these huts, which act as the main switchboards for the network, marks a very important milestone as now all Heartland REMC members will have the capability to be connected to a service that will have longevity, diversity, and reliability. 

Currently, construction in the Lafayette Zone is almost complete. All underground fiber has been laid and aerial lines are nearly finished. 

The Lincolnville Zone is not far behind as underground and aerial fiber lines are more than 90% complete. 

Meanwhile, in the Uniondale Zone, construction is progressing nicely. With all underground fiber lines complete, field crews have been able to turn their attention to the sky, closing in on finishing the aerial build-out. Members in the Uniondale Zone are just beginning to receive fiber service.

Construction in the Hopewell and Huntington zones is also well underway as fiber lines under and above ground are being installed. Eager members shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for service.

Next on the list is the Mt. Etna zone, where crews have just begun the building process.

To date, over 1,000 members have fiber internet service at their homes in Heartland REMC’s service area. This is a great milestone as we continue to push forward to reach every member.  

Want to see what all the fiber buzz is about? If you haven’t done so yet, take the next step toward fiber internet today by filling out an Underground Agreement! 

Stay tuned for more updates and watch your inbox for more information!