BBQ to get you back in the saddle

Posted on Dec 06 2018 in Indiana Eats

In the days of horse-drawn carriages, the Greensburg carriage house was a place to park your ride. This former spot for steeds to sit back and relax is now a Decatur County restaurant halfway between Indianapolis and Cincinnati to which barbecue fans often giddy up and go.

After a successful run of smoked meat sales from a food truck, Hans Schreiber opened Carriage on the Square Smokehouse six years ago. The usual suspects, smoked fresh and in-house, are all there — pulled pork, brisket, chicken and (after 5 p.m.) ribs. 

Schreiber also smokes corned beef, slings smokehouse burritos, and offers some grits and mac-and-cheese dishes. He also puts his own barbecue-style spin on nachos — the Walking Pony for the sweeter side and the Running Pony for the spicier touch — and loaded, smoked potatoes (the Wobbling Carriage or, for a bit of a kick, the Runaway Carriage).

Whatever your selection, slather it with one of six sauces or fixings named for Schreiber’s mother, aunt and four uncles. There’s the Linda Rose (sweet Kansas City style), Chad (spicy Kansas City), Faith (Carolina mustard), Art (creamy smoke sauce), Rolland (mild horseradish cream) and Gery (coleslaw topping). Plus, if you pay with cash, you can save 5 percent off your bill.

If you’ve still got room — or just an unyielding sweet tooth — sample such ice cream options as graham cracker or key lime pie. Be careful, though: Once you’ve savored the flavors at Carriage on the Square, not even wild horses might be able to drag you away.

Nick Rogers is a communications manager with Purdue Agricultural Communications.