Back to school

Learning to improve service to members

Posted on Jul 25 2019 in Decatur County REMC

It’s a new school year and kids of all ages are getting ready for a fresh year of learning! From kindergarten through college, students attend school to gain knowledge about a broad variety of subjects and learn new skills that will prepare them for the future. In a similar vein, Decatur County REMC (DCREMC) is continually learning in order to advance technology that improves electric service, reliability, safety and in turn, enhances quality of life for the members we serve in our local communities, and we like to share that information to help educate you as well.

DCREMC keeps abreast of industry trends because the energy sector is rapidly changing. Innovations in technology and energy types are fueling demand for more options. On the consumer front, people are looking for more ways to manage their energy use with smart technologies. Consumers expect more convenient payment methods — whether through automatic bill pay, online or in person. DCREMC offers all of these options in addition to 24/7 phone and night deposit access.

We’re working to help sift through the options for our members in ways that benefit the greater community. At the same time, we never lose sight of the top priority — providing reliable, affordable, friendly service to our members and communities. 

Strategic initiatives guide the future

In August 2018, our entire team embarked on an in-depth strategic planning journey through which our future strategy and initiatives emerged. Today, everything we do is measured against these strategic initiatives which include:

• Member engagement

• Employee excellence

• Strategic combinations

• Operational excellence

As we approach a project or are presented with an opportunity, we evaluate how it aligns with our four strategic initiatives.  This enables us to stay focused on serving our members and achieving our goals.

The more you know

Do you remember the PBS after school public service announcements, “The more you know”?  This campaign, “The more you know,” embodies our approach to member engagement through education.  We want you to know more, because we believe that members who know more, will engage more — and that’s what builds strong, sustainable cooperatives.   

We are currently working on several projects, in addition to our daily work, that support our strategic initiatives, including:

• Comprehensive member surveys

• Implementing a billing pre-pay program for members 

• Evaluating work schedule flexibility for employees

• Continuous improvement on service and work order processes

Whether it’s a new bill pay option for members, an improved internal approach, or how emerging technologies can better serve our members, we want to share the information and help educate you, because for DCREMC, our “school year” is never over. We will continue to learn from our members about their priorities for the future, and we will continue to study and research the issues so that we can better serve you, now and in the future, because “The more you know, the better.”

I also wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 2. Our office will be closed in honor of the holiday.