Back to school

Learning to improve service to members

Posted on Jul 27 2019 in Noble REMC

It’s a new school year, and kids of all ages are getting ready for a fresh year of learning. Beginning in kindergarten, students go to school to study a broad variety of subjects and learn new skills to prepare them for the future. 

Similarly, Noble REMC is continually learning in order to advance technology that improves electric service, reliability and safety, and in turn, enhances quality of life for our members and our local communities.

Noble REMC stays up-to-date on industry trends because the energy sector is rapidly changing. Innovations in technology and energy types are fueling demand for more options, and people are looking for more ways to manage their energy use with smart technologies. Consumers expect more convenient payment methods ­— whether through our SmartHub app, automatic bill pay or budget billing, all of which we provide.

We’re working to help sift through the options for our members in ways that benefit the greater community. At the same time, we never lose sight of the top priority: providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity. 

Operational efficiency

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and consumers. In the event of an outage, AMI helps to distinguish between events that impact a single home or multiple outages, a critical distinction to how they’re resolved. AMI also provides a means to verify that power has been restored after an outage. 

In addition to providing essential information during major outages, we analyze AMI data for faults, damaged meters or energy theft, which helps us save money and improve reliability for the whole community. 

Energy for the future

Interest in green energy sources and renewables is at an all-time high. Nationally, the increasing use of solar energy is paving the way for new methods of generating and using electricity. U.S. energy experts say we will not be able to meet national energy goals unless we increase our solar energy capacity. 

That’s why Noble REMC continues to research how best to adjust our energy mix. For you, we provide Co-op Solar, our community solar program that allows you to buy renewable energy by purchasing blocks of our arrays to offset your monthly bill.

Whether it’s examining green energy options or exploring how emerging technologies can better serve our members, for Noble REMC, our “school year” is never over. We will continue to learn from you, our members, about your priorities for the future, and we will continue to study and research the issues so that we can better serve you, now and in the future.