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How extreme weather affects reliability

Posted on Feb 21, 2024 in Dubois REC

When outdoor temperatures drop, our electricity use increases. That’s because we’re doing more activities inside, and our heating systems are running longer and more often to counteract colder outdoor temperatures. Factor in that we all tend to use electricity at the same time — in the morning and in the early evenings — and that… Continue reading.

Electric Grid 101

Posted on Jan 20, 2024 in Dubois REC

Electricity plays an essential role in our everyday life, although it’s not something most of us think about. It powers our homes, offices, hospitals, and schools. We depend on it to keep us warm in the winter (and cool in the summer), charge our phones, and binge our favorite TV shows. If the power goes… Continue reading.

Reliable power for today — and tomorrow

Posted on Dec 21, 2023 in Dubois REC

Ending one year and looking at the new year yet to begin sparks a sense of renewed hope and optimism about the future. It’s a time when, as the CEO of Dubois REC, I think about our company, where we’ve been and where we’re going along with ways we can better serve you, the members… Continue reading.

Power in Your Hands

Posted on Sep 03, 2023 in Dubois REC

Recently, one of our newer employees asked me what makes electric co-ops different from other types of utilities. This month, I thought I’d share a few of the things I told her. Because we’re a co-op, we operate a little differently than other utilities. Dubois REC’s decisions are made locally by directors who are members… Continue reading.