Authentically Amish

Down home cooking at home

Posted on Dec 26 2021 in Indiana Eats

Comfort food is like a hug that nourishes you. It brings families together and inspires memories of cherished time spent around the dinner table.

For many hungry Hoosiers, the best places to savor classic comfort food are the state’s Amish restaurants. Homestyle cooking reigns supreme here — nothing pretentious, just delicious. 

To enjoy an authentic Amish experience, consider visiting an Amish home for a traditional meal served family style. Learn about the Amish lifestyle while filling your plate with stick-to-your ribs choices like fried chicken, meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles and dressing, and biscuits and apple butter. (Plan for second helpings; you know you won’t be able to resist! And, of course, leave room for homemade desserts like fruit pies and cobblers.)

These families in LaGrange County’s Amish community are among those who invite you to visit, experience their heritage, and enjoy a home-cooked meal. (Keep in mind that Amish businesses typically only accept cash. They do not have phones at their businesses so you will need to leave a message so they can call you back. It’s best to make reservations.)

The Carriage House

5280 S. 500 W., Topeka

Contact: Elaine Jones

Voicemail: 260-768-8199, ext. 2128

Also offers quilting bees, cinnamon roll-making demonstrations,
Amish wedding feasts.

A Taste of Shipshewana

7720 W. 200 N., Shipshewana

Contact: Brenda Slabaugh

Voicemail: 260-350-2017

Open to smaller parties on Wednesday evenings. Reservations required but you can make a reservation up to 2 p.m. for that night.

Eden Meadows Banquets

10740 W. 200 S. Shipshewana

Contact: Vera Miller

Voicemail: 260-499-0150

Big and small groups alike welcome.

Hoosier Banquets

6335 W. 200 N. Shipshewana

Contact: Linda Miller

Voicemail: 260-336-8533

Also offers home tours, buggy rides and demonstrations. 

Yoder’s Homestyle Cooking

10667 W. 325 N. Shipshewana

Contact: Henry and Carolyn Yoder

Voicemail: 260-768-3078

Also offers buggy rides and cooking classes.